Many musicians hate social media. For different reasons: "I don't have enough time",
"It's below my dignity", "I don't know what to post", "How can I interest and attract students and organizers?" etc. Many reasons, same result – you don't appear on social media, and no one knows about you.

If you already understand that playing well is not enough to get concerts, students and
invitations to participate in interesting projects – here's a list of my insights that actually work for all professions.
To avoid disappointment, don't expect students and concerts to start raining down from the sky after one post or live stream. Prepare yourself for a long-term story, and focus on building a relationship with people who surround you in the virtual world.
Show initiative, start polls, ask questions, go live. It's not likely that people will beg you to write more and post more videos. Everyone is doing their own thing, minding their business. Nobody is wondering why you haven't gone online in a while.
Engage in active communication. You have no idea how many times I've seen musicians cut off conversations, ignore new messages, show no interest in the other person's decision, etc. They just vanish into thin air! As a concert organizer, I spot such people, and never reach out to them again: why waste my time?
Communicate straightforwardly. Directly invite to your concerts, be blunt when saying you're looking for new students or hosting a master class. Yes, just like that! You need to overcome your shyness, forget the "What if no one is interested/needs my work?" question, and learn to not get in your own way by over thinking and giving in to your fears.
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