We often want the world to give us something specific – love, peace, joy, respect, recognition, etc. But when the world offers us that – through people, events, or situations – we don't take it.
First off, very few people tend to reflect on what they actually want to receive. And secondly, ever fewer people consciously set a goal of doing something to receive it.
So here's my life hack! Add to favorites!
Your CONSCIOUS INTENTION is enough to direct your focus towards what you want from the world.
Every day, right when you wake up, before doing anything, ask yourself: "What do I want the world to give me?" Now your goal for the day is to keep track of the moments when you get it. And this definitely WILL happen, believe me!
Then, in the end of the day, remember these things, look through them, and put them in your jewelry box.
Do you think the world doesn't love you? Yes, it does. It's just, you don't notice that it's giving you exactly what you're asking for!
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