From a moment of birth each of us perceives the environment as something natural and takes for granted. My friend who works at the Komische oper Berlin has a daughter who believed that every parent plays violin or piano like her parents. Before school, my children thought any parent speaks 5 languages and performs on stage.

Our childhood unconsciously but firmly controls what decisions we make as adults, what state of mind we strive for and what we want to surround ourselves with. By developing our awareness and working through behavior patterns inherited from childhood, we can influence how our children/grandchildren/students will develop and what they will strive for. That's why I believe nurturing a sense of beauty is so important from a very early age.
Our kids have been attending our concerts since their first year. They slept in the stroller through Schubert's sonatas and soaring chords of Ravel, drew under the Beethoven's sonatas and dreamed under the Schumann's Kinderszenen. We draw their attention to the beauty of buildings when traveling, interesting shadow effects in the forest, or a beautiful melody on the radio.

We ask their opinion about an exhibition, a new city or a concert and - surprisingly - they notice and describe subtle things that is even difficult to express with words.
We always have a choice: whether to focus on flaws or see beauty in the usual and ordinary; be surprised and focus on the positive things or note something we don't have with regret and sorrow.
Every day of life - the one and only - will pass in 24 hours and we will never be able to recreate it again.

Then what do you want to focus on and share with the people around you?
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