I escaped my own comfort zone when I had to perform with an orchestra in front of a 60 000 (!) audience.

I had:
-Stage fright,
-Self confidence issues,
- Feeling of unworthiness,
- Distrust of the world,
- Fear of losing control and being judged, etc

All that came out right before the performance!

And you know what happened? The coolest break-through in the history!

God, I was so freaked out! But the concert was awesome and very inspiring. Watching 60 000 people stand up to applaud you really gets you, you know.

That performance at an open air festival in France really influenced and encouraged me to study to become a music coach and physiologist, and to help others get through the hell I myself had gone through.
God, I was so freaked out!
Now, I'm professionally assisting musicians, actors, dancers, and artists, and helping them work with their audiences, deal with stage-fright, self-consciousness, low self esteem, and fear of not realizing themselves.

Trust me: if I managed, so will you!
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