It's perfect time to dream big and transform these dreams into brilliant goals for the whole year.
Simple but effective questions that help me head to my mission and goals in 3 main areas of life: inner and outer world and communication.

    Every action starts with an intention – an impetus for action. If there's no intention, the actions don't lead to a result, they're chaotic and unstructured. Quite often, that's exactly what happens. We live without a conscious intention to get more engagements, to increase income, or to reach a higher level of communication. A strong, active impetus is what distinguishes an intention from a mere wish. Here are some helpful questions I ask myself:
What intention accompanies everything I do?
How will this or that action foster my desired result TODAY?


    I often see well-known artists whose self-reflection doesn't help them to move forward. Creative people are particularly fold of philosophizing. Rising to higher essences in your thinking process is great for sure. But if reflection doesn't lead to real-life actions or the results that you want, and doesn't change your life for the better, ask yourself:
What am I so afraid of that I don't do anything, and just keep speculating?
What can I do to embody my mission/this idea here and now?


    Surround yourself with people that don't just believe in you, but also those who are already getting the results you want. Communicate with people who enrich you, and inspire towards more.
    If your surroundings include toxic people, here are useful questions:
What are they giving me to make me still be with them?
How can I find people I admire?

I truly believe the more conscious we are about our ulterior motives, needs and desires, the more possibilities to grow and flourish we can use.
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