Each of us often thinks: "My career would have been much more successful if only I had more money, better education, etc". However, many outstanding artists, businessmen, and world leaders never had either.

Check out my list of the most important things for those who want to become leaders in life, instead of passively waiting for something to happen.
Neutral thinking.
It's about understanding that every situation has a positive and a negative side. Instead of seeing just one, you should view the whole picture, and consciously decide how to perceive it.
It's really sobering to acknowledge that no one is supposed to get you concerts and offer high retainers because you are a good professional, you graduated from a great school, or can play well. You are the only one responsible for the results you do or do not have. While you keep shifting the blame for losing a competition or not getting a concert, you'll never be the leader of your life.
Don't just sit around and wait for a concert to happen. Create the opportunities for your self-realization. Even if you're an honorary graduate of The Royal College of Music, it's pointless to expect an agent to knock on your door and offer a cool contract.
Getting the job done.
Every person has a lot of brilliant ideas. But very few have brought to life even a tiny bit of the stuff that "would be so awesome".
"What have you done today to achieve your goals?"A terrifying question I ask myself every day. Don't waste yourself on a 10500 things to do, but focus on what will really lead you to YOUR goal. Winners progress consistently, not randomly. Working for 3 days, and then forgetting all about it won't take you anywhere. Consistent progression is about committing to your goals as well as disciplining yourself (your brain, first off).
The skills on my list are not something we are born with. They can and should be developed. The more conscious our daily work is, the better result we get.
Replacing what you have with what you want is entirely up to you. The question is: how ready we are to work every single day in order to move in the right direction.
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