Ever since my student days, the story by Hermann Hesse "Siddhartha" has stuck in my mind. What hit me most is how the lives of 2 friends who grew up in the same village led to completely different results: one became a Buddha, the other a Disciple.

I thought the one who followed someone all his life long in a role of a student didn't understand something ????
Despite his efforts and a righteous life, he never reached the spiritual level that the other had.

I see the story differently now.
Everyone has own place in a web of Life.
Someone is destined to change the course of history or bring the wind of changes. And someone is destined to support these changes, to be a custodian of traditions or to spread the doctrine.

Not everyone is destined to be a Teacher. However, master and student, innovator and conservative are equally necessary. One without the other cannot contribute to the prosperity of the world.

Happiness is to find your true place, accept it completely and create your life with the feeling you are exactly where you should be.
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