It is extremely important to keep clarity and find our own inner stability. Understanding what's going on with me under the pressure of circumstances helps keep the right mindset and direction of the whole life.
These books remind me that I am able to choose HOW to react on the outer world if I know my emotions and reactions.
Ilse Sand. The Emotional Compass: How to Think Better about Your Feelings.
This is very useful book for everybody. We often don't understand our emotions, deny and don't truly accept them. Artists are not the exclusion. This book helps find out how to use our emotions effectively for us and ecological for others.
Adele B.Lynn The Emotional Intelligence. Activity Book.
Everybody knows what the Emotional Intelligence is. But how to develop it? Here you can find the direction with practical activities that you can implement into your everyday life.
Ilse Sand. Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World.
Most of the artists are very sensitive people. Many of them take this side of the personalty more as a disadvantage. Here you'll find ways how to profit from it, to increase your self-esteem and enjoy your sensitivity.
To be aware of ourselves, our emotions and triggers is something we can control for 100%. Let's take this opportunity!
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