I studied with amazing teachers - Vera Khoroshina, Elisso Wirsaladze, Klaus Hellwig, Jacques Rouvier and Pascal Devoyon. I absorbed their approaches and selected working techniques for myself. With most of them communication grew into true friendship and stimulated my self development as an artist and personality. The main lessons I learned from interacting with masters are applied not only in music but in all areas of life.
  • There is no wrong interpretation. But there is a lack of feeling the style, lack of ideas and their unclear implementation.
In many cases, these points are mistakenly taken for a lack of a talent.
  • The last steps to implement your ideas into reality are the most difficult. Most people stop 2-3 steps short of the finish line. Because of this, there are no results in competitions and in life.
  • Try to play the way the teacher wants equals try to live somebody's life instead of your own. Following the instructions of respected people we often stop listening to ourselves.
Only your own voice can sound convincingly and sincerely to touch the hearts of people.
  • You don't need somebody's faith in you to become a winner in the broad sense of this word. It's great, but not necessary. Your own unshakable belief in yourself is enough.
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