Imagine a world of people who never have doubts. People striving for a perfect version of themselves, and brutally criticizing each other for the tiniest flaws, not being allowed to show any real emotions. A land of total control where you must always stay within the limits.

How do you think a musician would feel in such place? Will there be any room left for art, spontaneity, and genuine feelings?

Most musicians subconsciously live in this land of total control. Desire to monitor EVERYTHING is one of our strongest habits.
A land of total control where you must always stay within the limits.
From the very childhood, we are taught to control our fingers, posture, emotions, music, and memory. We are taught to control ourselves, because that's what being responsible means.

Struggles to play perfectly make you stop trusting the natural inner flow we all have. Moreover, you start trying to control this very flow, too.
You might not harshly criticize others for not following the rules that exist in your head, which is also unlikely, since you were taught what to notice first while evaluating other people as well. But when it comes to evaluating yourself – you are always generous with criticism.
Fear of making a mistake, messing up, and facing the unknown essentially comes down to fear of losing control.
As a result, controlling your mind and body in order to better feel and communicate the Music (a good cause initially!) puts you in a cage, and locks the door behind you.

Instead of giving you freedom and stability, this fear becomes your ultimate goal and enslaves you, like the ring from the "Lord of the Rings" that enslaved Gollum and everyone who'd interacted with him.

So what should be done? How can you become a Master, who uses control to their best, to an extent that doesn't lead to addiction?

Stay tuned for my next post to find out.
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