I'm always open to opportunities to grow and learn. That's why when I came to Moscow just for a week and saw a post in our coaching community about the business breakfast with an executive coach, investor and successful businessman, I decided immediately to go there.

My very first insight was just at the beginning of a meeting. Out of more than 1,000 people who saw the post only 6 of us took this opportunity and actually came. For me it's about taking actions.
Most of people SAY they are interested in growth, changing life and environment but only a few take real actions to get them.
By discussing our goals, cases of clients, mission and its implementation, I also came to some important points.
  • No goal = no focus.
    No focus = no movement in the direction you want. No goals = External factors, and not you yourself, turn out to be decisive in the level of income, what you do and who you are.
  • If you have knowledge but don't implement this knowledge into practice = you do not know.
  • Money is energy. The presence or absence of money is an indicator of relationship with the world and a give-and-take balance.
There are much more thoughts after the meeting but the most valuable that I proved again for myself is
Your environment determines everything: your mindset, limiting beliefs, results, income and as a summary - it determines who you allow yourself to be.
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